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  Las Palomas (PALOMAS)
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  Pricing on Las Palomas (PALOMAS)

Type of Condo
1B1B (1V) - Ocean View
1B/1B (1F) - Ocean Front
2B2B (2V) - Ocean View
2B2B (2F) - Ocean Front
3B2B (3-2V) - Ocean View
3B2B (3-2F) - Ocean Front
3B3B (3V) - Ocean View
3B3B (3F) - Ocean Front
3B3B Penthouse (3PHV) - Ocean View
3B/3B Penthouse (3PHF) - Ocean Front
4B/4B (4F)

Additional taxes and fees will apply.


Each condo has a maximum occupancy as well as a maximum number of adults that are allowed in the room without an extra charge. You will be charged at check-in for any extra adults in the room beyond the adult limit up to the occupancy limit. The charge for extra adult per night is $50.00 (USD). Each rental is designed to sleep a specific number of people (maximum occupancy):
This number is (4 people 1B1B, 6 people 2B2B and 8 people 3B2B). You will be subject to eviction without return of your rental payment if more people are found in your rental.

1B/1B max. occupancy 4 people; 2 Adults/ 2 Children 12 and under
2B/2B max. occupancy 6 people; 4 Adults/ 2 Children 12 and under
3B/2B max. occupancy 8 people; 6 Adults/ 2 Children 12 and under
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